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Who We are

About Milestones ABA Clinic of Michigan

Welcome to Milestones ABA Clinic of Michigan, where compassion meets expertise in the realm of autism care. Our name reflects the core values that guide our approach to Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy—a commitment to gratitude, care, and the belief that every individual has unique strengths and potential.

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Why Choose Us?

Building a Community of Support

Milestones ABA Clinic of Michigan is more than a clinic; it’s a community. We believe in building connections—between individuals, families, and our dedicated team. Our name symbolizes the support network we aim to create, providing a foundation for growth, understanding, and shared victories on the journey toward improved well-being.

Celebrating Progress, Fostering Hope

“Milestones ABA Clinic of Michigan” encapsulates the spirit of celebration. We take joy in every milestone achieved, no matter how small, and we believe in fostering hope for a brighter future. Our name reflects our dedication to creating an environment where progress is celebrated and individuals are empowered to face challenges with resilience and optimism.

Our Focus

Join us at Milestones ABA Clinic of Michigan, where our name is a promise of gratitude, care, and a commitment to helping individuals with autism thrive. Contact us to be a part of a community that values each step on the path to progress and embraces the potential within every individual.

*Milestones ABA Clinic of Michigan Services Accept All Major Insurance Carriers.

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