1:1  Behavioral Services

Milestones strives to provide effective treatment to children with autism and related developmental disabilities. Milestones’ Behavior Analysts (BCBA) will conduct a comprehensive assessment and identify functional skills across a variety of domains (i.e. communication, social, academic, daily living, and behavior challenges).  Once the assessment has been completed an individualized treatment plan is designed for the client in which a team of behavioral assistants provide the direct therapy under the supervision of the BCBA.

Parent Training

Milestones’ main focus is to teach families the skills for promoting development. In doing so, we provide the right support and training so parents can develop the skills on how to address challenging behaviors and how to increase effective communication with their child. We will train our parents on specific behavior management techniques that could be implemented on their own, which will significantly reduce behavior problems of their child. 

Community Outings

Some children with Autism have difficulty transitioning through ordinary routines in the community such as grocery shopping, haircuts, doctor, and dental visits. At Milestones, we like to expose the child to as many different outings and environments as possible to help generalize the skills they work on everyday.

Toilet Training

Many families are hesitant to begin toilet training their child who is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. At Milestones we help families overcome this obstacle by tackling any concerns or problems you as a family are encountering with your child and help you come up with different ways to meet your child’s needs. We also provide you with tips to increase toileting success by teaching toileting skills, providing advice on preparing schedules and routines, and by promoting visual supports to help toileting be a smooth transition for you and your child.

Food Refusal/Selectivity

Milestones’ feeding program is designed to assist with food aversions. Many children with autism and related developmental disabilities do not receive the nutrition needed due to their selectivity and refusal to try new foods. The purpose of our feeding program is to expand the child’s food preferences by introducing new foods to their diet while decreasing the problem behaviors associated with it.  This is done by gradually and systematically fading in non-preferred foods and creating motivation for eating them.

Social Skills Groups

Milestones offers social skills groups to teach children age appropriate social, leisure, and group learning skills through the use of research based strategies. Some skills in the social skills group program include eye contact, joint attention, cooperative play, and listening.  Prior to attending the social skills group, our Behavior Analysts completes an individualized skills and behavior assessment with each child and their parent/caregiver to identify the target objectives the child needs to work on and to ensure that each child is placed in the appropriate group.  1:1 assistance is provided by our highly trained behavior assistants to each child in our social skills groups.